I just recently finished adding the game locations and other information to my Auburn basketball spreadsheet, so I decided to pull some data on games by city, state, and venue. Some of this data is still incomplete because I have yet to figure out where some games were played in the early 1900s, and in some cases, I can’t find whether games were even played on the road or at home.

This post will be much lighter on “analysis” compared to some of my others, but I still found it enjoyable breaking the games down by different criteria. A lot of the data was expected, but there are some lesser-known things in here as well.

Auburn Basketball by State

Auburn basketball has played games in 35 of the 50 US States plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Auburn has won in each of those states except for Alaska (0-3), Colorado (0-2), New Mexico (0-1), Wisconsin (0-1), Massachusetts (0-1), and Iowa (0-1).

Auburn has played more than 100 games in Louisiana (123 games), Florida (130), Mississippi (139), Tennessee (178), Georgia (229), and Alabama (1,437). Auburn has a losing record in each of those states except for Alabama where the Tigers have won 65.81% of their games all-time.

Auburn is undefeated in Washington, DC (9-0), West Virginia (3-0), and Maryland (2-0). The Tigers are also 11-1 in Puerto Rico and 5-1 in Utah.

Of the states that Auburn has won at least one game, Auburn has the worst records in Kentucky (9-64), Arkansas (5-21), and Ohio (2-5).

Full breakdown of Auburn Basketball by state sorted by games played Auburn basketball games by state, sorted by total games played

Auburn Basketball by City

Auburn basketball has played in 131 different cities in 114 different seasons of basketball going back to the 1905-1906 season. Auburn is undefeated in 30 of those cities and winless in 33 of them.

For the most part, Auburn has played most of its games in current SEC cities. Auburn has played 50 or more games in Lexington (53), Knoxville (60), Tuscaloosa (62), Oxford (66), Starkville (70), Baton Rouge (74), Gainesville (77), Athens (86), Birmingham (88), Nashville (91), Atlanta (113), and Auburn (1,197).

With at least 10 games played, Auburn has the best records in Sewanee (13-1), Mobile (10-2), Auburn (823-374), Montgomery (25-13), Birmingham (55-32), Tallahassee (11-7), and Columbia (11-9).

In cities where Auburn has won at least one game, the Tigers have the worst records in Lexington (3-50), Knoxville (9-51), Fayetteville (5-21), Tuscaloosa (12-50), Louisville (3-12), and Houston (2-7).

Auburn Basketball by City Auburn Basketball games by city, sorted by total games played with at least 10 games

Auburn Basketball by Venue

Auburn basketball has played in five different home venues: The Gymnasium (1905-1915), Alumni Gym (1915-1946), The Sports Arena (1946-1968), Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum (1968-2010), and Auburn Arena (2010-present). Auburn has played in at least 227 different venues all time.

Other than Auburn’s home arenas, the Tigers have played the most games in Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gymnasium (56 games), Ole Miss’s Tad Smith Coliseum (48), LSU’s Pete Maravich Assembly Center (46), Stegeman Coliseum (45), Humphrey Coliseum (43), Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery (33), Kentucky’s Rupp Arena (33), and Alabama’s Coleman Coliseum (32).

Auburn basketball is undefeated in 54 different venues and winless in 68 different venues.

In non-home venues where Auburn has played at least 10 games, they have the best record in Sewanee’s Juhan Gymnasium (13-1), Bill Burch Gymnasium in Birmingham (11-2), Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham (13-5), BJCC in Birmingham (19-10), Alexander Memorial Coliseum in Atlanta (13-7), Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery (20-13), and South Carolina’s Colonial Life Arena (6-4).

In venues where Auburn has at least one win, they have the worst records at the Atlanta Athletic Club (1-12), Kentucky’s Rupp Arena (3-30), Georgia Tech’s Heisman Gymnasium (2-15), Alabama’s Foster Auditorium (1-7), Tennessee’s Stokely Center (3-19), and Tennessee’s Thompson-Boling Arena (3-18).

Auburn basketball’s best home venues, by winning percentage, are The Sports Arena (165-54, 75.34%), Auburn Arena (115-53, 68.45%), Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum (392-181, 68.41%), The Gymnasium (27-13, 67.50%), and Alumni Gym (124-73, 62.94%).

Auburn Basketball by Venue Auburn Basketball games by the venue, sorted by total games played with at least 15 games

Because there is a lot more data than can easily be covered in this post, I’ve added the complete data from each of these breakdowns to a separate spreadsheet that you can view here.

All of this information took awhile to gather and enter, so I thought it would be worth using for a post. I hope to be back to more “analysis” in future posts, but if you enjoy just looking at breakdowns for stuff like this, let me know. I still have to go and enter opposing coaches for every team and can probably find some cool trends from that as well.

As always, thanks for reading.

War Eagle.